Lükarji (onion growers)

A number of customary, traditional dishes related to onion-growing have been preserved on the Ptujsko polje. This custom has even affected the region’s architecture, too, with roof eaves designed for the drying of onions. One of the best-preserved traditions is the braiding of traditional wreaths known as ‘krenci ‘. The women and girls braiding the onions are called LÜKARICE, and families making their living from onion-growing are known as LÜKARJI.

The Ptuj red variety was brought to the region by the Turks. It has been a vital source of income for small and medium-sized farms. Demand was the highest in late autumn and winter, so the onions had to be large, well dried, and late-sprouting. Traditionally, a wreath consists of either 12 or 6 onions.