Cultivation method

Authentic Ptujski lük is cultivated manually

Ptujski lük is manually planted, picked, sorted and packed. The Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) certificate is a guarantee that the produce is regularly monitored, that its origin is known, and that you are buying an authentic product. The production process is specified in detail. It takes three years to grow an onion of this variety from seed. It is a natural product, not treated with preservatives. This may result in sprouting, if kept in a warm space and exposed to light.

The Ptuj red variety

Ptujski lük is listed as Ptuj red on the list of Slovenian varieties. It is also listed in the European Union’s catalogue of varieties, and among those recommended by the Agricultural Institute of Slovenia.

Grown on the Ptujsko polje

Ptujski lük is grown on the plain of the Ptujsko polje, between the rivers Drava and Pesnica, and between the towns of Ptuj and Ormož and the Slovenske gorice hills. The climate is good, with an ideal distribution of rainfall, and the shallow soil, with its rich humus content, warms up and dries quickly. This gives Ptujski lük its characteristic added pungency. The variety also has an abundance of green leaves, meaning it can be braided. Furthermore, its leaves are tougher than those of other varieties and do not break when pulled, which is very important given the manual method of picking.

Environmentally friendly production

Ptujski lük is grown using integrated or organic farming methods, which, in addition to looking good, also guarantees great quality and flavour. The cultivation is regularly monitored by authorised organisations.